Summer Break

SpaceFox and Caswallon

I accidentally let my domain expired the week of finals and it has taken us this long to untangle and get it moved and back up.Bronze Corydoras I am back though! And better still, in summer break! I am off until September 24th, when not only I will be going back to school, but Spacefox will be starting preschool (StarBear is being watched by family while I am in class.) Exciting and nerve wracking, the lot of it.

I have lots to talk about and several entries lined up, but for tonight I’ll just leave it at this, and with a photo of Caswallon and SpaceFox walking home together. Caswallon and StarBear met SpaceFox and I at the bus stop earlier this week. SpaceFox and I went to pick out three new fish for his aquarium, a promise I made to him during Summer quarter. He picked bronze corydoras, a variety of dwarf catfish. They are so cute! (The fish… and the guys walking together!)

How have you all been?

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