reasons I love to bike #4: food

out with my sonNot grocery shopping day to day food, though I do our weekly shopping on my bike as well, but rather all that junky food most people seem to fret and fuss over eating (due to calories or whatever.) I pretty much never worry about treats like that now that I bike all the time.

Granted, “treats” in our home are usually something like one of my whole-wheat honey pumpkin muffins, nitrate-free hot dogs or a steaming cup of mulled cider but sometimes it is eating out. This past weekend was one such time. I took SpaceFox (my four-year-old son) downtown to get him newer clothes for preschool (which starts in less then a week, yikes!) and we got Ben and Jerry’s (a strawberry single scoop waffle cone for him and a regular Chocolate Therapy milkshake for me) and then a caramel apple rolled in mini M&Ms at Riverpark Square (which we brought home to share) and then a pair of IZZE sparkling juices and some Annie’s organic fruit snacks from Main Market.

And do I feel any dietary guilt about any of that, after pulling my four-year-old 12+ miles in his trailer? Heck no! The grade on the hill home (river valley, woo!) is so steep I had to get off my bike and push the bike and trailer up it for part of the distance (SpaceFox walked beside me “helping”, it was very cute.)

On a side note, this all also means I’ll probably never have one of those perfectly muscled and trimmed marathon woman bodies, but I’m okay with that. Awesome food splurges are well worth the trade off to me.

What is your favorite treat?

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