reasons I bike #3: to stay in love

Lovers bicycleObviously the key to a loving relationship is not bike ownership, nor am I saying you going to save your marriage with a pair of bikes. As a divorced mother, I know that a lot of factors go into a successful relationship beyond biking.

That said, in my current relationship, Caswallon and I are both avid cyclists, to the point that we currently chose to live car free. Our passion for biking ultimately has brought us closer together.

With only our bikes and public transport for our day to day needs, everything in life requires just a little more planning, which in turn requires more communication and patience between the two of us, both important skills to master in any relationship. Biking forces us to slow down, which in the frantic world of balancing our home and work and college and raising kids, is a blessing. Beyond that, when we bike together, we work together and are free to talk and stop as we need or desire… as well as get side tracked with out mutual love of exploration (we both “suffer” from a rather hefty amount of wanderlust.)

Besides I think Rayya and Catalyst (our bikes) make a dashing pair (chained to a pole? outside Donut Parade? Anyhow….) Together for the long haul! Wouldn’t want to break up the love of two GIANTs.

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