Planting Peas

Trying 70/366: planting
Amish Snap Peas

Getting ReadyWe built a prepped the soil, built a trellis and planted our first crop of the year (and of this new home) the other day, Amish Snap Peas! We have planted them for the past two years and love them. The climbing vines easily top seven feet and are really prolific if kept picked. I have us down for harvesting six pounds off our vines last year but I am fairly certain it is double that as the children eat so many when we pick them. In another couple weeks we will be planting another trellis with more of them. I like staggering their planting so we don’t get too many to use or preserve at once (And Spring’s unpredictability does not wipes them all out.)

We also planted calendula seeds and Tom Thumb dwarf peas along the garden fence line. SpaceFox loves Tom Thumb. though they are not overly productive he likes their small size and he thinks shelling peas is fun (enjoy it while it lasts, I know.) We planted some in a big pot again this year for the kitchen table (we did this last year too.) I hope they sprout by Ostara.

Have you started planting yet?

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