Pieces of March

Pieces of March
March was very chaotic and I am glad it is behind us. It brought a lot of personal change. Michael moved out of the house. The house needed rearranging to fill the void (we now have a grow space for the garden starts.) Finding a way for make it with bike and bus (I don’t drive – yay child bike trailers!) I am busy preparing to start college this summer quarter (taking my placement test next Thursday, eep!) And of course the children are growing up so very fast.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still glad March happened, and it was full of many beautiful moments, which I hope are reflected a bit in the collage. Fun times with the children, especially in involving them in setting our new routine. Like when SpaceFox saw my dragonfly tea set while I was cleaning the kitchen the other day and fell in love. We decided it was time to start using it (so rather, I decided to stop fearing breaking it.) Now we now have a special candlelit tea time each night before bed to calm us before heading off to the land of dreams. I love it. Our days have a new structure that I am finding tremendously helpful as we move forward… even though it is taking some adapting.

Anyhow, onto the inspiration. My finances are tight (really tight) so my list of interesting links I have gathered this month kind of reflects that line of thinking.

  • A bottle, a plastic bag, a bit of string and some food dye equal a jellyfish? How cool is that!
  • More inexpensive craftiness, a plastic soda bottle (we don’t actually have one, but yay recycle bins!) used as a stamp to make cherry blossoms? The kids are going to love that.
  • In a world where money and time is not an issue, I would totally go to a convention (or all of them, hey perfect world dreaming!) dressed as a quarian. Hey. Nerd’s gotta nerd.
  • I’ve dyed play silks with it, but never thought to try dying some of my wool felting yarn with koolaid. Love it. So bright and cheerful!
  • I have a rather negative reaction to being stung by wasps and have been searching for ways to keep their numbers to a minimum without spending a lot of bait and traps this summer. I found this easy to make homemade wasp trap. Looking forward to trying it.
  • I am in love with this Starry Day Constellation Activity Kit, and with a hole puncher I could completely make the children a set. Beltane gift maybe?
  • Ooo or this cloud identification activity kit, that would be fun to make!
  • I love 100 Days of Real Food. It has been helpful since we have been making changes to our diet. There are menu plans with price break downs that work inside the confines of food stamps. It is wonderful. I love Eat Outside The Bag too.
  • Simple wholesome food is our big focus lately. I’ve been making up some of these oatmeal jars to keep on hand for easy breakfasts. Nice to eat something hot and filling before going out on my bike too.
  • Okay maybe not all completely healthy, I made these bacon wrapped chicken breasts when the children were are Michael’s the other week. Oh. My. Goodness. NOM.
  • Aaaaand maybe I made a giant chocolate chip cookie too…

What has been inspiring you lately?

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