Oh. My. Goodness.

In the closet of the craft room downstairs, we have our tomato starts. My son is the self appointed waterer of said starts and does so every night before bedtime. Sometimes he even blows kisses them goodnight and wishes them sweet dreams.

As if that was not heart meltingly sweet enough, two nights ago he noticed the old guitar (missing string and all) in the corner of the craft room and asked if he could play the tomatoes a song. I let him. Soooo heart melting. He did it again this evening and I couldn’t resist snagging a photo.

I think he sings to the tomatoes in the most adorable random way only a four year old boy can summon.

“Goooodniiight Matoesss. Sweeet dreamsss. I luuuvs yoou!” some random guitar playing “I luvs the suns, you luvs it alsos… and waters ‘n stuffs. Goooodnight Matoesss, luuuvs yooous.”

Oh. My. Goodness.

Be still my Mommy heart.

We have quite possibly the most loved tomato plants in the entire world.

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