Monster Sandwiches

Monster SandwichesI think I have a weakness for making cute food for the kids (and myself.) Much easier to get them to try new things (like green olives) this way too, woo for bonus side effects!

Today is the last day of Caswallon’s first week at his new job, I am looking forward to the long labor day weekend together. Twenty-four more days until I start Fall quarter and Spacefox has his first day of preschool. I am more anxious about the second then the first. StarBear is going to be watched by family until I can get her into the same preschool.

I’ve been thinking about Autumn Equinox, especially now that the mornings are getting chilly enough that I need to grab a shawl. I normally knit the children hats and get them a new book (I’m thinking Mouses First Fall) as gifts but I don’t think SpaceFox needs a new one… I might make them new ones anyways, just to let them have something new and Mommy-made. Since they are really into creative play right now I’m considering getting them each a new Schleich toy, something Autumny, maybe the Chestnut Elf and the Apricum? The equinox is right around the start of school as well so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t considering getting them something extra as a kind of start-to-school present thing.

SpaceFox wants to go apple picking for the Equinox, which we did together every year I was married, but I don’t have a car anymore, so I am not sure how we are going to get out there… I’ll figure out something though because I really want to keep the tradition. StarBear is really into horses right now too, so I want her to see the draft horse at Harvest House that pulls the hayride.

Do you do anything special for the equinox?

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