Constellation Cards

Constellation Cards

Constellation Cards

My niece and newphew’s fifth and first birthdays were this weekend and their family is also moving away to Arizona within the next week so they had a birthday/going away party earlier today. I wasn’t able to attend since I was replacing my water heater (fun…) but the kids went with Michael.

Since my niece and nephew’s family want to travel as light as possible for their drive down to their new home, they asked that any birthday gifts be travel toys. This is what Spacefox and I came up with for them. Constellation cards!

You can “project” them on the wall at night by shining a flashlight at the back, or use them in a car too probably, shining light through the window on them and casting it down on the seat. I did all twelve zodiac constellations, which though will hopefully be able to find a lot of them in their clear Arizona skies. We were out of laminated paper, otherwise I would have laminated them to make them a little more durable, but I used heavy weight water colour paper so they shouldn’t be too flimsy at least. The little bag is just a simple sleeve I sewed together out of fleece and embellished with a felt star.

I cut out extra cards because I am thinking my children would love a set of these too (and maybe Liam or baby G? Raveness and J, what do you think? Would you like some? I must geek out as many younglings as possible…)

Ginanne and Jordan, if you read this, I wish you the best of luck on your trip down and starting their new and exciting phase of your life. I love you guys!

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