Cherry Harvest

Cherry Trees

First week of school just finished (Monday through Thursday in Summer quarter) and oh my goodness so much work, but still, I’m loving it.

Not loving so much the mysterious leak somewhere behind my washer/hot water heater, a good friend is coming over this afternoon to hopefully help me diagnose the problem.

[EDIT: So 90% certainty it is the water heater leaking out the bottom. Balls.]

We picked cherries from our two trees for an hour today and it feels like we haven’t even made a dent in the trees, getting to the limit of our ladder heights though (and the sheds cannot support our weight.) Still…

Bing and Rainier

We have quite a few bing and rainier cherries though no? That yellow bucket is full now and we have about that many left that we can harvest.

Oh goddess, I have to process these now don’t I? Ideas? Fresh eating, filling my dehydrator and…

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