Bike Commuter Lunch

Bike Commuter Lunch Bike Commuter Lunch

I talk about the children’s cute lunches with relative frequency but I do not think I have typed about Caswallon’s lunch. Caswallon bike commutes 5 miles each way, which while not terribly far still requires more fuel then busing, especially when considering the cold morning commutes we are beginning to experience and which will only be increasing in frequency from now till, well, Springtime. While his lunch is more utilitarian then “cute” I do think it bares mentioning if only to show that packing a lunch is not hard and need not always be sandwiches.

So the upper left picture is a relatively typical lunch that I make for Caswallon. I really love the To-Go Ware food carrier as it stores and impressive amount of food and fits easily in his Topeak trunk bag. The caveat is it is metal, which is not microwave safe obviously, hence the occasional wide mouth jar on the side. (Eventually I am going to get all of us food jar thermas so we can circumvent the whole need to wait in line for a microwave.)

When there is not hot food on the side I normally send a cold dish like wild rice salad or wraps, and occasionally sandwiches (Oroweat Sandwich Thins fit perfectly in this container and come in 100% whole wheat. They are also really easy to emulate yourself if you have the time and desire.)

Today though, going clockwise in the top left picture, the first tier has whole wheat pasta spirals (leftover from dinner,) the second has grapes and a little container* of broken up dark chocolate with almonds, and the third has a homemade whole-wheat honey banana muffin, a little container of pretzels and a cheese stick (normally I use Babybel since it fits better in Caswallon’s lunch but little hands raided the last of them at lunchtime today.) The jar on the side has leftover beef stew from dinner, it is a wide mouth canning jar with a freezer lid (which are more practical then the two part metal ones in lunches.)

On a final note, I’d like to mention something not at all related to lunch, but more on a biking commuter vein, the importance of breakfast. Leaving the house with just coffee in your stomach is a huge mistake. Even if you just grab a piece of fruit or a muffin (I make big batches of them on weekends and freeze them for use throughout the week) or make something like my oatmeal jars, those are all seriously better then biking any distance on an empty stomach.

Do you pack a lunch?

* I would not recommend the little containers you see inside the To-Go Ware container. They are Kid Konserve. They are stainless steel and pretty much leak proof, which I like, but if they get a little wet on the outside, they are slick and therefor a huge pain to get open. I usually use them without the lids because of that, just to add an extra “compartment” for some snacks. LunchBots makes a much better version of those containers.

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