Mommy Monday: vampires beware edition

I harvested my garlic the other day and I am so very pleased with the results. I’ve ended up with out 30 nice heads which are currently curing in the shade under the eves of my porch.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I planted the garlic I ordered from Green Wave Gardens last Autumn (I love that farm. I mixed up my order and they were totally willing to work with me to sort it out and let me pick up at the Farmer’s Market. The garlic is beautiful and organically grown too.) How could a tiny clove grow into a whole head of garlic I wondered? And gosh, I am dedicating a fair chunk of my raised bed to them, half of one of my 8×4 foot beds and a corner of Damian’s 4×4 footer – since he wanted to plant some too. (Here is my post about planting garlic.)

They have produced though! They were the first thing to sprout and resilient even through our weird Spring and plumped up nicely even with the somewhat shady area I placed them. I grew Music (a hardneck – I also harvested delicious scapes from these) and Inchelium (a softneck – which has a beautiful purple blush to the bulb) this year.

garlic and carrots

Our garlic! (As well as a few of Damian's little Paris Market carrots that got kind of lost in his giant potato plants.)

The garlic is curing at the moment. Once the Music is done I will cut the tops off and store them in a mesh bag in my pantry. The Inchelium though, being a softneck variety, I am going to try to braid it. My mom always had a couple braids hanging in the kitchen growing up and I just loved that method of storage and display. I’ll let you know how that goes of course.

As for planting more garlic this Autumn. That all depends I suppose, but in all likelihood I will not be. Not because I don’t want to grow it again. In fact I want to grow garlic every year from now on! However since we are house hunting… well we will not be here this time next year. Next Autumn though, you can be certain that I’ll be planting this awesome plant, probably full raised bed worth!

Have you grown garlic? Have you harvested yet?

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