On the twelfth day of Christmas…

…Mommy stayed-up-far-too-late-last-night making for me:



Oh. My. Goodness. This took forever. I was going to make some other toppings but I ran out of time, so we just went with pepperoni. The biggest problem with this project is that it made me craaave pizza, so we ordered one for dinner last night. Gave me the extra time I needed to finish all that blanket stitching too. Damian immediately recognized what it was this morning, which made the effort worth it though.

This ends the twelve days, or does it? I still want to make more! The twelve days of Christmas is traditionally actually the twelve days after Christmas, ending with Epiphany (which is actually the day gifts are given in the places I’ve lived at in Europe.) This could be the excuse I need!

felt playfood

Everything I've made these past 12 days.

I hope you enjoyed the felt foods and have a very merry Christmas!

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