On the tenth day of Christmas…

… Mommy made for me:

fried eggs


Everything a growing hockey player needs!

I realized yesterday I had miscalculated the amount of cookware and felt food I had and was three days short on the 12 days (whoops!) Damian’s favorite breakfast food came to mind though and saved the day. It only took me about half and hour to put the two fried eggs together too, which was nice. I was thinking about making a little tutorial for these but found a fried egg one online this morning, that is pretty much exactly how I made mine. (Great minds think alike? I’m adoring the bacon on the same tutorial, might have to make that too.)

If you are wondering why my son is “cooking” in a hockey goal, that was a solstice gift from my father. Damian couldn’t be more thrilled, he actually fell asleep holding the red stick last night. So cute!

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